User Presets for Default Flight Settings

I would like to be able to set my own default flight settings. I setup many flights at a time and having to change the current default settings for every single flight is time consuming and kind of annoying. Changing flight from Live (Beta) Mode, changing flight altitude, disabling live preview, changing side overlap, and changing planning camera is tedious, and there should be a way to save flight settings from previous flights. I have always been annoyed that the planning camera defaults to Mavic 2 Pro, a drone I have never used, and a drone that takes significantly longer to fly large areas compared to the Phantom 4.

Often in the DroneDeploy iOS app, after my Phantom 4 has connected and completed the preflight checklist, the drone mission will begin as normal but the app will think it’s connected to a Mavic 2 Pro, and fly at much slower speeds and capture many more photos. This always results in me canceling the flight, resetting the app, and restarting the mission to fix this glitch. It’s a huge loss of time and a waste of battery charge. I could let the drone continue on at the slower speed, but it nearly doubles the flight time of the mission and nearly doubles the number of photos captured. This occurs far too often for a system that is supposed to determine the drone type once the remote and drone are connected to the app.

Hopefully someone at DroneDeploy reaches out about this because I believe allowing users to have their own preset default settings could save them time and many headaches.

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