Use SD Card to Upload

I have done 3 runs missions today. They all end with “We could not determine the initial image count. Upload photos from SD card.” Is this user error?

With some devices we have more frequent problems putting the camera in the right mode and accessing the initial image count. We aren’t sure why. It doesn’t seem to be user error though.

Had this with 2 flights using Shield/Inspire 1. Would like to see some type of file indexing or easier way to tell which photos go to what mission. For now I just sort by file times to differentiate.

With the AgEagle, we always get a shot of our launcher automatically due to the fact the system takes a test photo as part of the pre-flight checklist. Makes it easy to determine where a new flight begins on the SD card.

Something similar might work for the Inspire/P3: just have it take one photo at time of takeoff to act as a bit of a clapboard / flight splitter.

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There should be a test photo on the Inspire/P3. You should be able to see the test photo of the ground between each flight. Ideally the auto uploader will work. This is also in progress for Ageagle flights so people don’t need to find which photos belong to which flights.

4 flights today withP3p and HTC m8, getting the same message. Does tha app require wifi to download photos from the P3? Not sure if the Phantom has wifi.
Any idea how long it takes to process 1 map, I’ve uploaded photos but no map option yet?

You should get a fast stitch within like 10 or so minutes but you currently won’t get a notificAtion about that being done. You should have received an email about your full stitches.

We are considering removing downloads for phantom 3 and inspire from the app completely. It is one of the most difficult parts for us and it goes so slow due to the speed to access the photos on the inspire and phantom 3. People seem to prefer to cancel downloads usually and upload with the SD card.

I agree. The transfer rates from the P3 or Inspire are too slow, remove it completely.

I would also agree to removing that option, I did that on my first test and wondered if I had enuff battery to complete the upload