Use DJI googles while using Drone Deploy?

I would like to have an observer wear my DJI googles while I am using DroneDeploy to do a mapping mission with my Mavic Pro using my iPhone for Drone Deploy. I would launch the normal DJI app in the googles. I have been reluctant to try it since I don’t know whether this would cause a conflict and create problems flying the Mavic.

Has anyone tried that? Any cautions?


Yes it will cause a conflict. The mobile device can only be connected to one app through the USB cable at a time. I would suggest not trying it. The DJI app will conflict with the DD app.

Thanks Gary. Yes I was afraid that might be the case. I will not do that.


Thanks for the google classroom answer, i was gonna buy a DJI Goggles but now gimp i wont be because it wont do much help to me.