Urgent - P3 doesn't want to flight further

Hi all,

I would like to perform offline flights using DronDeploy app and Phantom 3 Proffesional. However, after a few lines of flight the UAV suddenly stops, camera changes its position to horizontal and takes pics in this position. Then I have to call the UAV back because there is no option to flight further and make more pics of my area of interests.

Now I’m on field work from my PhD projects and soon I’m leaving this area so it’s really important for me to solve this problem as soon as possible… Please, help! :slight_smile:

I have simmilar problem after starting mission UAV reched the needed high and doing nothing…
(p3 a, dd v 2.0.11, android 6. sony x4)

Similar Problem today as well. Map loads - the app clears for take off. All checks pass and green light. Press go and P3P flies three feet above the ground and app hangs up. Drone hovers there forever.

Using Samsung S7 and Phantom 3 Professional.

In my case it flies around 100m from the start point but no more. By the way, in DJI GO no distance limit is set.

Sorry to hear this. @barbrka what version of our app are you running and on what device?


Hi Neema,

version of the app: 0.052-2.0.11
my device: Samsung SM-T360 with Android 5.1.1