Uploading the right photos

Hi, I’m doing some missions and many times I can’t upload the photos on field because the battery is dead. When on PC, is there anyway that I upload all the photos and DroneDeploy recognizes which photo belongs to each mission? Do I have to select every single photo for each mission? It doesn’t make sense if it’s that way… It should do it automatically when I upload all the photos.


I assume you are talking about map photos vs all the others like progress and panos? In reality images are just images and I suppose they could have a filter that excludes any images with a gimbal pitch of less than 10-15% but that still isn’t realistic because there are still occasions where even 0-degree pitch images can be used for modeling which is what the majority of us are doing.

That said on a completely separate path there could be a break between mapping and modeling where all you are concerned with is the ground and only want to upload nadir images by which they could filter but there are two things to consider in this as well. We do take nadir images of things that we do not want in the “map” but also the EXIF data doesn’t always report a true -90 degrees so there would have to be a range like 89-90 degrees on the filter.

Honestly though isn’t it just good practice to organize? I mean how hard is it to filter by date taken and subdivide on separation of flight times… I guess if you are the only one in the workflow then organized chaos can work.

There is a product called GnarBox which is still in beta for drone-type use that allows you to insert your mSD card and filters can be setup that will create subfolders for you. I am not sure if gimbal pitch is something we can choose but I will take a look. Normally it is one of the fields that you would see in Windows, even geolocation. It is an amazing solution for the field because you are instantly backing up your data but also can be setup to automatically sync with something like a NAS when you hit your home/office network.

I understand your reply, but I mean one project with more than 600 photos taken. I have several (8) missions on that same project. Each mission, including map photos, has the exact coordinates of photos. Wouldn’t it be easier if DD filtered the uploaded photos by location? Or do I have to look for the exact 4 photos that belong to mission 6, among all the 632 photos?

Other question that came up today… when I execute a map mission with one battery it works perfect because by the time the drone lands, it uploads all the photos and when I get internet it processes and creates the map. But when I have to swap batteries in the middle of the mission, I get the message that I have to upload manually when in PC (again, choosing the photos manually). Why doesn’t DD uploads it in the end of the mission as it does with one battery? Maybe DD could create a folder for each mission, like this we wouldn’t have a problem uploading all the photos having to pick a few photos in a folder with thousands.

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Sounds like we have very different workflows. We fly way too much to upload via the drone and pretty much every mission is multi-battery. We have seen no issues loading up the images on a PC, organizing by date taken and separating by type of mission which usually contains at least three different types of data. From a card with 3-4 projects it takes about 5 minutes per project once they have copied from the card and everything is in a standardized format that anyone on the team knows what to expect.

I would suggest changing this to a feature request topic and summarize exactly what you would like to see.

ok, I’m new here, didn’t know about that option. thanks anyway. indeed it’s not that difficult to separate photos by project/mission, but my point is that there are simple ways to do it automatically.


I totally get it but at the same time I know the complexity of the system of offering functionality like this at scale with all the different use cases out there. Not saying it can’t be done but it just needs to get on the board and gain the support of the community like all the other enhancements that have been implemented. Keep the good ideas coming!