Uploading photos

I’m new to drone deploy. I’ve flown drones for 4 years and have received my part 107 in Sept. I test flew my phantom 3 Prof the other day across one of my fields and taking photos, but I cannot figure out how to get them to dronedeploy to stitch together for a complete picture.

I use an iPad Pro on the transmitter and it says not recommended to use a tablet for uploads. I could take the sd card out and put the photos on my windows computer, but cannot find how to get drone deploy on my computer to send the photos to them.

In order to upload photos you should go to www.dronedeploy.com and once you sign up or log in you’ll see an upload button which will let you upload your photos to DroneDeploy.

Thanks for your help.

Thanks for reaching out! You have a couple different options when you upload:

Turbo Upload for slow internet

Processing options to choose between speed of processing and resolution of processing.

I have tried to go on my windows laptop and sign in to my drone deploy account and then go to my photos and upload the 59 photos of a small test flight on 1-22-2017 to see how the stitching process works.
I cannot log in or sign up. I type my name, email password, and it says that I need to get a new password. The password works on my iPad Pro, but won’t work to open drone deploy on my windows laptop. I then try a new password, and the same thing happens. I shows a blue circle that goes around and around, then shows starting app, then loading acct data , then initializing app, then over and over again.

Cannot get my laptop to work with the account that I have on my ipad.

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this problem. It’s the same servers accepting and authenticating for both iPad and internet versions of DroneDeploy, so there must be an issue when typing this in. Is there by any chance a capital letter as the first character when using the iPad?

I was advised to change my windows 7 laptop to google chrome instead of internet explorer and to delete cache’s. I didn’t want to do that and didn’t for a couple days. I then tried it, and at first when I went to sign in, it still wouldn’t take my email and password combo, but I reset the password to the original one as I had done many times before with internet explorer, and it started working. I was able to add my test flight photos and about 20 minutes the stitching was available.

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