Uploading photos to DD, Mozilla crashes

I switched to Mozilla for uploading photos and have had pretty good luck, had a 20 mps plan that had a 500 photo map take about 2 hours to upload using compression and moving the resolution down half way. Usually worked pretty good although at times it would stop uploading with only 1-5 photos left, if I would stop and process it would work out ok. I just upgraded to a 200 mps plan and was able to upload 500 photo’s with no compression or resolution downgrade in about an hour, however I now have problems with Mozilla crashing after 200 or so photos uploaded which wouldn’t be so bad but when I reopen the program it doesn’t show any photos were uploaded so I have to start over again. I have tried rebooting the computer and making sure I don’t have anything else running in the background. Any thoughts?

I am guessing you moved from Chrome? Have you tried Incognito mode in Chrome? I have zero issues for several months at a time. Occasionally something weird will happen, but most of them are bugs that we get worked out.

One hour for 500 images with a 200mbps plan is still pretty slow. How large are your files that you are uploading on average?

I switched to Mozilla from edge. For ~500 files=~8 gb. I have a 200mps plan but computer card only does about 90 download and 50 upload

From Joel. Isn’t it a beautiful day?

10-4. I would recommend Chrome. In incognito mode you don’t ever have to worry about being told to “clear your cache” and you can be assured that the latest version of the interface comes up.