Uploading new footage to an existing map doesnt work

Hey guys,
I´m quite new to DD and I know how to do most of the basic stuff.
i just did my first 3D model now and its ooook. I saw some spots where I can improve something, so I went out, took more footage of the missing spots and I want to upload it now to the existing map.
I renamed every picture, so I do not have double naming.
But every time I want to add it, I cant click on the footage. It´s just “grey”…dont know why, maybe you guys can help me.

when I try to upload it to a new map, it looks like its working. so what do I do wrong?

Ok, solved it myself after hours of confusion.
I actually clicked on add project files wich is wrong obviously.
I first had to go to “map details” and then add more images and it worked fine. Sorry for beeing stupid af ^^