Uploading Images Manually

I flew multiple missions offline and have been able to upload all but one flight for processing. One of my flights does not show as having been flown, even though it has.

Is there any way to get the dashboard to recognise that the mission has been flown or to manually upload the images so that they can be processed?

You can manually upload pics from the dash then just delete the other mission.

I cannot locate this “Upload - Add Images” button in the dashboard as it is shown above.

Did you move it since the screenshot was taken?

I would like to upload some photos for which I have not flown a mission.

It has changed. It is now the blue button near the bottom of the dashboard:

when you click on it you get some choices:

You can see that Upload images is one of the options.

Hope this helps. I think the + button is too telegraphic for transparent understanding. Dozens of users (including myself in the early days) have missed finding the Upload images option hidden under this +.


Now on the new interface.