Uploading files

Hello and good morning everyone,

I am having trouble uploading pics into the DD cloud for 3d mapping and stitching. When I click upload a pop up comes up and has the terrain and structure feature. I am using terrain, then i click select photos. When my files open up i click to add them all but only one shows up and it is the only thing in the browser. I have nothing like what the tutorials show for file upload. I hope this makes sense lol

I am using iOS

Thanks in advance

I don’t know if you can use iOS for file uploads at the moment. You need to use a desktop computer.

Hi, I am using Macbook Pro…

hi @iflyinmd one thing to check is the error that you’re getting when uploading. Does it say anything like “removed x images for x reason?” If you are using a Mac, are you uploading from Pictures or from iPhoto? iPhoto does not always save the GPS data that is embedded in the images, for some reason. The files in Pictures should be fine and contain the correct metadata.

I have a slight issue. I drove 150 miles to take some pictures. Got home and realised the pictures had no gps data when trying to upload to dd. The pics have saved in Dji go app but is there any way I can use these pics, because the originals from sd have now gone. Sd was formatted and used again since taking the pics.
Really can’t be driving all the way back to get the pictures again.

hi @droneworxuk - unfortunately, we can only stitch photos that have the GPS data embedded. Did you use our app to capture these images?

Unfortunately I couldn’t get my phantom 4 to work using the app. I’ll be going out over next few days to retry.