Upload images after flight

Hello. I am new one to Dronedeploy world, so,please, I need some help.

I have a DJI Spark with its controller. I connect my mobile phone and make a flight with the help of dronedeploy app in android. After the end of the project, the app, congratulates me and promotes me to connect to the internet and upload the photos. I am already connected thru wifi with the drone how will I connect to internet? From that point I am losing it. The project icon, after the flight doesn’t change style, it has that “Z” ico, not the up-arrow icon. It’s like the mission did not complete.

Are you trying to upload images from your mobile device or from a PC? I typically transfer photos from the drone to a folder on PC then upload from the PC using the desktop DD website because I typically generate hundreds of photos per map. I expect that if you want to upload photos from a mobile device then the drone will have to be on and connected so that the mobile app has access to the photos on the drone SD card. I’m not sure of this because I have never done it this way. For a small project with a few photos this may be OK but for a larger project this will take a long time and it would be better to transfer photos to a PC first.



I watched the tutorial video, but I can’t begin, because, the app at the desktop as I wrote before, don’t appear the flight as complete, but as “ready for flight” dd . I will test to connect the drone directly with the pc and see the results. I am a free user my plan is as an “explorer”. Do I have to pay to use these services?

oh, I can press the + icon and upload the pictures?..ts, I thought I had to upload them from my finished project.

Correct, you can upload a picture set without flying a mission.

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The Spark is not listed as a supported drone and I am surprised the DD app flew it. That may be why it did not close the flight out to upload it, since it is not formally supported.

In my first mission, with dronedeploy, when the flight ended, it started a sync with my phone, all the photographs copied there. And only my first mission has the complete mission symbol. The others just promote me to connect to the internet.
It took some time but my photos were uploaded in my dashboard and it process right now a 2D orthomosaic with 5.79cm/px from a height of 50m

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Way to be on the bleeding edge! I have been thinking about getting a spark for our company after seeing some of the photogrammetry from other softwares. It would be great to have for some of our building interiors too. I think I will join you.

I love it!. I saw one of those on special in Costco and I was tempted. Solid looking little piece of kit. If I didn’t already own a Mavic and P4P I might have sprung for it. Mavic is such a neat bird. I wish the camera was a little better. Still, when I’m flying for fun it’s the one I take. It’s so friendly compared to the P4. People just love it. Has anyone else noticed this?

Too each their own. Like I have heard that “the Mavic 2 Pro is the Phantom killer”. I believe the Mavic is more versatile on the light end, but the P4P is a workhorse. The Spark has the potential to do things neither can do so is it better?

I absolutely agree that there is no comparison for work. The P4P is better in every way. I wanted to believe the Mavic could keep up but it just doesn’t have the horsepower.

But then last weekend we stayed at the beach with friends and I took the Mavic for kicks. I don’t fly much outside of work: I just don’t want to be one of those guys that is putting their drone in everyone’s face saying, “I have a right to fly”. I’m pretty careful about respecting people’s privacy.

Anyway, it just seems like I take better pictures of people and scenery with the Mavic. Friends seem to be more at ease. Maybe I’m more at ease because I’m not worried about losing my work drone. It just seems zippier and easier to get the shot that I want. It’s like having an instant camera on the car seat next to you verses a view camera in the trunk. Sure the view camera takes better pictures: but it’s in the trunk. It makes me wonder what I could do with the Spark.



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Totally agree. I have thought about getting a Mavic, but it was too close to the timing of the 2 coming out and now that it has I don’t see any business benefits. The Spark on the other hand is a far enough of a departure that it makes sense. I also purchased a Tello and that was probably the best $100 I have spent on a drone. No photogrammetry, but it is literally the size of my hand and is so lite that my kid can bang it on the wall (with easily removable bumpers) and hasn’t hurt it yet. He’s in training… It is great for inspecting ceiling space though. I love seeing the diversity of the drones that are coming out.

I think it is the best cheapest solution for a job.