Upload area of ​​interest only

How do I enable this option to always select the mission when uploading?

I want the generated files to be delimited according to the area of ​​interest. Just like in the printscreen, so that I can select the mission.

The problem is that sometimes the options above do not appear.

Are wanting all these as a single map? You can just pick any one of them and adjust the area of interest accordingly. Alternatively you can just do a new upload, submit all the images and set the area of interest. I usually get it close, but obviously well outside the image coverage and then dial it in once processed. The main thing is to limit the giant box that is created by default for a manual upload so that there is not excessive processing area. I submitted a suggestion a while back to be able to upload a set of images manually and have the system automatically shrinkwrap them, but have not seen any movement on that.