Upgraded account

I’ve upgraded from explorer to pro but chat support is still not available. I need to contact DD to allow me to fly in restricted zones. I’ve unlocked in DJI but DD won’t let me fly.

I’m afraid to say that DD doesn’t work in restricted zones, despite being authorised by DJI.

I’ve read other posts that say that DD can unlock from their end at users request. Unfortunately I can’t get a hold of anyone.

They used to but later found it didn’t really help or was completely unreliable. I don’t think they are activating any more accounts on the basis it doesn’t work regardless.

Hi @Ghheath,

Adding to what @JamesC has shared…

Flying in a No Fly Zone/Restricted Zone in the DroneDeploy app is not currently possible. To describe what is happening as far as No Fly Zone: DJI’s SDK is unreliable in that it will not effectively communicate with our app to set waypoints so you can launch your flight. We have been trying to implement a reliable feature that will allow users to fly in No Fly Zones (NFZ restriction feature). However, we are experiencing issues with this from the DJI side. We are currently in talks with DJI and they acknowledge this issue with their SDK.


Thanks Christina. A lot of our work is inside unlockable zones so it’s a little frustrating. I guess we’ll try maps made easy.