Upgrade from 'Explorer' Problems

I have been using DD for a while now and was a paid user this summer. I am now trying to upgrade from ‘explorer’ to the pro plan again and it will not let me do it. It says that I have been upgraded but asks for no billing, and then does not change my account settings, retaining the ‘explorer’ status.

This is really bad timing as I am trying to showcase the services that I and DroneDeploy can offer a local farmer!

Yikes, sorry to hear this. I would contact support@dronedeploy.com with the email on your account and in the subject line, mention you are a paid user and that it is urgent that you upgrade.

Hi Kara, i´m having the same problem!!! can you help me please!!! I want to upgrade to a monthly pro plan but i can´t!!!


hey guys i had this same problem on monday. I’m a seasonal ag user and needed to upgrade from explorer to pro. a quick email to support and they had me upgraded in an hour or two.

Hi Gonzalo,

As aerovisionsolutions said, support@dronedeploy.com will help you out quickly.