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We have clients in several parts of the world. Some use the Imperial system, and some use the metric system. Would it be possible to get a unit system assigned by a project? And not change it as a general parameter that affects everything?

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Hi there!

Thanks for contributing your inquiry to our forum. At this time, units are determined for an entire account profile via the Preferences tab. Unfortunately, this is not currently project-specific.

That being said, the preference chosen by the viewing party will be applied to anything shared with them. (For example; if your preference is set to imperial and you share with a user’s who’s preference is set to metric, they will receive your map in metric units.)

Thanks for your feature request, I can certainly flag project-specific units to our product team for consideration. :slight_smile:

Can we get Units divided into International Feet and US Survey Feet?

Currently all Exports are in Inches and I have to manually edit the DXF file and modify the following:





So that it’s Imported as US Survey Feet.

Could you clarify this? All of our exports are (ftUS) decimal feet. What EPSG are you using? I use 2277 and 2278. This might solve this thread.


I typically use EPSG: 6588 and every DTM - DXF has been set to 1 in the file which is Inches.

Here is the Autodesk INSUNITS look-up table:

Initial value: 1 (imperial) or 4 (metric)

Autodesk DXF INSUNITS Look-up Table

Where did you get 6588 from? What is the specialization? I find it best to use 2275-2279 for Texas on most design files.

INSUNITS is typically used for defining inserts. It is typically 0 by default and will follow the drawing setup. Command _ddunits is the drawing itself and command setup is where you put in your projection and scale factor.

NAD83(2011) EPSG Codes:

EPSG:6577 - NAD83(2011) / Texas Central
EPSG:6578 - NAD83(2011) / Texas Central (ftUS)
EPSG:6579 - NAD83(2011) / Texas Centric Albers Equal Area
EPSG:6580 - NAD83(2011) / Texas Centric Lambert Conformal
EPSG:6581 - NAD83(2011) / Texas North
EPSG:6582 - NAD83(2011) / Texas North (ftUS)
EPSG:6583 - NAD83(2011) / Texas North Central
EPSG:6584 - NAD83(2011) / Texas North Central (ftUS)
EPSG:6585 - NAD83(2011) / Texas South
EPSG:6586 - NAD83(2011) / Texas South (ftUS)
EPSG:6587 - NAD83(2011) / Texas South Central
EPSG:6588 - NAD83(2011) / Texas South Central (ftUS)

This is the latest codes from 2011

Just found them, thanks!

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