'Unfortuately, DroneDeploy has stopped'

I have just updated the DD app on my Lenovo pad (it was working fine, but has refused to work since July 1st so update required). Now the app won’t even open, it just says ‘unfortunately, Dronedeploy has stopped’. I have removed and reinstalled and rebooted and no other apps are running blah blah blah but the problem still persists.
Please help, I am not a techie and so do not know what to do next…
Thanks in advance

This is due to using Android 4.4. DJI has broken the DJI SDK for android 4.4 devices. If you upgrade to 5.0+ you should be fine. Sorry for the trouble. We were forced to upgrade due to new DJI firmware restrictions and it was unfortunate that DJI broke 4.4 with that upgrade.
I saw you also posted a review on the Play store. Sorry again for the forced upgrade. I hope you are able to upgrade to 5.0.

I have the same worries on my PH3A.
After updating dronedeploy because of the SDK4, now that the application crashes its opening and tells me that dronedeploy has stopped …
what to do
Thank you for your comeback.

I have the same problem with my azus zenfone2, its android version is the 5 yet but it insists in do not work, are there more itens to fix?, tks

Which problem are you seeing @Aldopa? Is it closing when you launch the app?

sorry about the delay,
yes, it close when I launch. I had thoght was the android 5 and even updating to android 6.1, the app still do not work

Even upgrading to android 6.1, the app still do not run, are there another model it is happening?
No I m using the zenfone 3, for now it is running…, and about my zenfone 2, dropout it?

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The same problem … Asus Zenfone 2. The application does not open, the screen appears blank and is closed! Any solution ?

This tablet is an intel tablet. We don’t currently test on intel tablets. We have verified that it does crash. We will have some new android tablet guidelines soon which will more or less say DD is only officially going to support latest Samsung, google, nvidia tablet and maybe a couple others. It may still work on other tablets but no gaurantees and we aren’t testing on them.
The goal is to support the tablets that are most popular and which customers have the most consistent success.

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Hi everyone,

Please take a look at our Supported Devices (Mobile and Tablet) page to see our current list of officially tested and supported mobile devices. If your device is not listed on this page, there is no guarantee that your mobile device will or should work with DroneDeploy.


I have also encountered similar problems, which is a common problem with Android devices. In addition to reinstalling apps, clearing data and caching on Android is also a useful method. You can also erase the cache partition like this:

  1. Press the power button to turn off the phone > set the device to recovery mode.
  2. Use the volume button to select, find the “Control Screen” option > select “Delete Cache Partition” and press the power button to confirm.
  3. Finally, restart the system.
    The ‘Unfortuately, app has stopped’ problem can also be solved by restoring the factory settings.