UnFair use

I got the fair use warning 2 days ago. I contacted support who (eventually) sent me a message

Hi Tony,

Thank you for sending over your email address! Please note that our Fair Use Policy was put in place to ensure we can provide the best service to all our customers. Where we detect out of the ordinary usage such as yours recently, we must verify the information above before we can reinstate your services. We’d love to get this resolved for you as soon as possible but will need to understand a few things before we can move forward.

To ensure that you are using DroneDeploy’s product in the way it is intended, can you please share your use case and help us understand the frequency in which you are uploading datasets for processing?

In the meantime, I have placed your DroneDeploy account, on a temporary exemption. You will be able to access your DroneDeploy account, upload, and process as usual for 14 days. This temporary exemption will expire on December 7, 2020.

Also, I’d like to introduce to you your Account Executive, Ian Sullivan, who handles all matters regarding your DroneDeploy account. He will be the one to reach out to you directly regarding the reasoning behind the Fair Use error message received as well as options to reinstate your DroneDeploy account to get you back up and running permanently.

Ian, please reach out to Tony who has received a Fair Usage Quota error message at your earliest convenience. Please let me know if any additional information is needed from me! In the meantime, I will mark this ticket as resolved.


I replied:
hi there

I am confused. I am a charity: i upload as and when local community groups ask me to survey their sites

I am doing a presentation tomorrow evening, 7.30pm gmt](outlook-data-detector://0), to over 200 of the top archaeologists in the uk, and a couple from the EU. I have always promoted drone deploy, in academic and scientific papers. I am one of your biggest fans, and responsible for lots of uk archaeologists using you

I have only uploaded about 4 or 5 small maps in the last month! That is not enough to hit a fair use limit for someone who promotes you for free! Not enough at all. It’s utter rubbish to be frank

I have been downloading and exporting lots of maps recently: do they count towards the fair use limit? Can you please be clearer on what you are measuring?

Due to your rubbish communication on this issue I have removed all reference to drone deploy from my talk tomorrow; this is the link

You have therefore lost a number of potential clients and free advertising through your stupid algorithm. Cheers

Now: a further issue. There are a number of bugs in your software. Up until now I have overlooked then since we have a long relationship. However as you are going all ‘fair use on’ me I am raising these with a view to telling you that your software failures are costing me time and I am not getting what I am paying for. Therefore please credit an appropriate number of monthly subscriptions to allow for:

Ndvi processing doesn’t work properly

Missions fail to start (5 times only 2 days ago!)

The app on my iPad can take up to 10 min to start - not acceptable

The focus on the x5 camera is clunky please sort this.


(Yes, I’m p*sped off with you, in case you didn’t get that)


My point, in brief, is that we as users put up with an app that costs a reasonable amount and is often clunky and buggy with no recompense, but if we go over some undefined and arbitrary limit we are blocked. I have only uploaded a couple of maps in the last 2 weeks so WTF?

No reply as yet…

Anyone got any experiences of this?



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I share your frustration to some degree.

I’ve yet to experience the ‘Fair Use’ restriction which I would consider odd, as one month I might process 3-4 maps maybe, but then the next month it could be 10. I think Admin have stated before that the restriction is only there to help as a guide for them, so that they can assign their system resources where they need them and once they understand the client’s use, they can set a better considered level of restriction.

But like I say, that theory goes out the window when the likes of me are doing a couple of processes one month and a dozen the next. There doesn’t appear to be any continuity.

The clunky app is beyond laughable. It’s ridiculous and have voiced my frustration both here in the forum and with Support many times. I don’t know of another developer that gets away with operating like this and why I’ve persistent asked that a stable version be released alongside the experimental version we are seemingly only permitted to use. If my employer knew about the inefficiency of me using the app, they’d cancel the subscription in a heartbeat. This is why I can’t bring myself to upgrade to the current version. You never know what’s going to happen or how long it’s going to set you back by. I’m on V4.2 and am happy-ish for now. Don’t breathe.

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Please do report back what you find out. I’ve been contacted several times about this very use policy in the last couple of days so I think there is something else going on in a more holistic view. When you say “downloading an exporting a lot of maps”, what exactly do you mean? It’s my understanding that the limitations only apply to processing, but if you are creating an extraordinary amount of traffic I guess that could be a flag as well. Interesting thing is that there is no mention of fair use anywhere on the website or documentation so I agree that something’s not right here. @Jamespipe

Sorry to hear about that. I’ve been waiting to get hit with the same issue. I go a month or two with very little use, then some months I do 10-15 large flights and numerous exports. I am a very sporadic user in that regard and I assume when I do use it there are a lot of resources being used by my account. Crossing my fingers that I never get hit with fair use claim.

The iOS app on the other hand… that is the biggest pile of garbage I have ever attempted to use. I have a 6th gen iPad which is a little dated now but the amount of freezing, stuttering, and failure to load going on with the app is astounding, but I’ve never bothered to report the issues. Many times I have to reboot the device or try airplane mode to even get it to launch the app properly. All this to say that the iOS app is worlds better than the android app. Don’t get me started on the android app…

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