Unexpected Logout

I had 10 missions loaded in the app and set as “Make Available Offline”. All 10 missions were in a remote area hundreds of miles from cellular data coverage. The first three missions completed successfully, but after starting the app for the fourth mission, the login screen appeared. The device was an iPad Mini 4 running iOS 11.4.1. Without a data connection, I couldn’t log in. I know that a data connection is required to log in, but I don’t understand why the app seemingly logged out on its own. I had a backup device, an iPhone X running iOS 11.4.1, and it too exhibited the same phenomenon in that the login screen appeared when I started the app. This was a real disappointment as six of the ten planned missions couldn’t be flown.

Date of occurrence: 9/1/2018
Drone: Mavic Pro
DroneDeploy App Version: 2.79.0

Probably did an update. Do you have auto-updates on in the App Store settings?

Hello Michael. Thanks for the fast response. I was off the grid and far away (hundreds of miles) from any cellular data coverage when the problem occurred, so there is no way the app could have updated.

Gotcha. I thought maybe you came across a location in between that got you. I wonder if others have had this happen with long periods of no connectivity? @Andrea, have you heard of this before? I have seen it on an Android when the cache got cleared, but I don’t know of a way to do that on iOS.

Hello @HelicalRover Thanks for reaching out. Currently, there needs to be a data connection to log into the DroneDeploy app. We currently do not have a way to remotely log users out of their accounts so I am not sure why this happened to you. In the future, I would consider logging into your account and making sure your phone does not have any auto updates turned on. Thanks!

For what it’s worth, I’ve been logged out when opening up the app and have been requested to log in before proceeding. I’ve always had a data connection so it’s never been a problem for me to log back in. I can see how if without a connection it would be a problem if I hadn’t purposely logged out on my last use only to unexpectedly find I wasn’t able to log back in.

Unfortunately Michael, I have been using iOS when it’s happened. What I don’t know is if it’s following an automatic update or just willy nilly.

@Yusuf and @MichaelL, thanks for your responses. I’ve done a bit more investigating and determined that the iPad Mini had auto update off and the iPhone X had auto update on. Also, the iPad Mini is WiFi only but it is setup to connect to the iPhone via the iPhone’s Personal Hotspot. For power conservation, both devices were in airplane mode for the duration of the week-long expedition. I also looked into cellular data coverage in the area of Alaska where we were located (upper Kobuk River), and there is a small village (Shungnak) with cellular data service provided by GCI Communications, but it is located about 60 miles west from where the DroneDeploy app login request occurred. My conclusion is that an app update on both devices was highly unlikely. Now that I’m back in San Francisco, I will try to replicate the problem by keeping the iPad Mini in airplane mode for the next several weeks and periodically check to see if the app stays logged in. Will keep you posted.

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