Uneven picture exposure

Flying inspire with X5 today (standard 15mm) on first perfect day. 10 mph wind 100 % clear blue sky.
Altitude 80 metres, overlaps 65/70. Everything auto.
Noticed in flight that that part of photo ,usually op side to sun was overexposed, . I presume that’s why several uploads have only been partly successful, producing part maps.
Everything calibrated, and manually works fine…
Any sugestions please.

Have since seen that it does it with 15 and 12 mm lens , with/without hood. Does it at 5m/s and 15 m/s. Does it at 50m or 80 m. Does it in manual with a smaller aperture. Did it at 5 second and now 2 second interval. In fact does it all the time.

Hi cratageus, if you are flying on a very clear and bright day and taking images of bright structures or topography, make sure your camera does not take overexposed pictures. Please see our documentation here (http://support.dronedeploy.com/docs/troubleshooting-inspirep3) on how you can adjust the camera settings.