Unable to upload photos on PC


ok, I’ve some better luck. Although I was using Chrome I was using Windows 10. I’ve now tried using Chrome on windows 7 and have had better luck. The uploading pictures seem to jump up to 100% at times but all the photos have reported as successfully uploaded and I have managed to create maps



I am new here. I am using a P3Pro. I am experiencing extremely slow .jpg uploads. I am attempting to upload 213 images from a flight I did today. the first 8 files uploaded, albeit slowly. It appears to be attempting to upload several files at the same time. but is so slow. I let it run for over an hour before I exited and attempted the uploads again. Still very slow but progressing. To upload, I moved the files from the sd card to my hard drive then uploaded them via the Map Processing Engine from my Macbook pro. Any thoughts or assistance is greatly appreciated.



Hi @dpreznuk,

We have heard some feedback that some users have slow upload speeds and one of the first priorities for Jan. is to improve that so we have more insight into what is happening as well as ways to improve it.
What speed internet do you have? If you do a speed test (and select a test location somewhere on the other side of the U.S.) what does it say?

If you have a good connection but our uploader is still going slow for you for some reason you can upload the data sets to Dropbox or Box and contact support either through email or chat and we can handle it for you.

Sorry for the trouble,




Thanks for the prompt reply! I wasn’t expecting to hear anything back until next week. I have used several different connections, 4G, public wifi and cable internet here in the U.S. the upload I am running now appears to have improved, I am at 109 of 205 images in the past 1 hour over a tethered 4G LTE cellphone. when the images are done uploading I will try a few speed tests to determine the speeds at this location.

Thanks again for your prompt reply and providing some alternative options.



Some issues with uploading photos. I don’t have a super fast connection but anyway:
-Can’t do it in Safari, it just takes forever in the first photo.
-In Chrome, it takes forever also, but at least it finally works. I have to leave it overnight to finish the job for just 150-200 pictures. To upload the same photos to Dropbox takes 1/3 of the time.
-At some moments it is uploading a whole bunch of pictures at a time, then it goes to one-at-a-time and takes a long time for each. Sometimes it goes to 80-90% and then starts all over again for the same photo, many times.


The photo upload issues should be fixed with our latest update to DroneDeploy. You should see the changes sometime this week. Let me know if your upload speed changes.


If anyone still has this problem check your firewall blacklist

Because the requests being made while uploading were taking too long my router blacklisted DD

Remove DD from your blacklist if its there and it should solve the problem of the upload hanging


thank you for suggesting this, Horace. Glad it worked for you :grinning: