Unable to start the mission Matrice 100

Gday Everyone,
Just want to start off that im new to this fourm and hoping to get some help and feed back.

I’m having issues with my Matrice 100 and Slantranger 3p camera. When i’m about to fly a mission is does its preflight check list everything turns to green but than the drone just sits there, (not running) id wait 2-5mins and all of a sudden a unable start mission warning box pops up has anyone had this issues before? and if so how can i fix them?

  • I’m running that latest version of DD
  • I’m running that latest IOS 10.3.3 (before hand i wasn’t)
  • Even tried my wife’s ipad and same issues pops up.
  • I have also let the app know that I’m using a 3rd party camera
  • Also have closed the DJI go app after drone start up and before flying in DD

So i think I’m running out of options that i can think of anyway and this is starting to get very annoying as i cant fly my crops to see if i need to do any Nitrogen Apps or if there are other issues with them.

Thanks a lot to any information that could be helpful.
regards Biz.

The Matrice 100 has been giving our users a lot of trouble lately. It doesn’t have the same firmware update cycle or attention from DJI that the other drones get. We believe that there are some issues that exist with the M100 that don’t exist with the P4, inspire, etc.
We are in communication with DJI about some of these issues. We appreicate you continuing to bring up any others you hit.

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Thanks very much for the msg back and the update, I dont know why DJI have forgotten about the M100 updates its kinda sad because there are a few M100 out there that run DD and the guys i have talked to are having the same troubles, i like the app its easy to use, Will you send me a msg once they have an update or once you guys work something out to make it work better?
So far thats the only issue i have being having but keep you updated if i get anymore i hope this issue get fixed soon and keep intouch
Thanks Tarren

As a backup, if you are flying with an iPad, you might try the DJI GS PRO Ground Station app. It flies autonomously like ours and may work.

Yeah i was told that too but wasnt sure if the whole craft turns like yours does or it flys backwards and this could have results with my data but i guess something to try. Have you got any idea a time frame that your hoping DJI and DD will work the current issues out with the M100 ships?

Hi @Biz,

We don’t have a timeline to share at the moment but we are working with our partners to find a resolution.


Hey Christina,
Thanks for getting back to me, well as soon as you know any updates or when you resolve this issues please let me know. The App is great just having issues now im sure you have a lot of upset people right now, as im one of them but im not gonna try and make a big deal out of it as it puts extra pressure on your team, and im my past experience getting anrgy and having a go at your team just makes things worst off.
I hope your team can fix the current issues with the App and people get back to doing there job rather than treating your team badly.
Again thanks for trying to fix the issues and keep intouch.
Cheers Biz

No problem @Biz. I hope I have an update to post sometime soon but unfortunately I don’t have any news at the moment.

No worries Christina,
Lets hope this gets resolved quickly and people with M100 can starting using your great App again
keep in touch