Unable to Start Inspire Mission

I was able to connect DroneDeploy to my inspire and began building a mission. Unfortunately during the Pre-Flight check I kept receiving the same error instructing to change the Mode to either A or F but I could not get this error resolved. Also once the preflight has failed how are we supposed to refresh the screen. WHen I get the mode error pop-up box I’d have to hit the back button on my tablet which would bring up the mission planner with the failed pre-flight check list but there was no way to refresh this screen. At this point I’d have to kill the program and open Dronedeploy again. By reopening DroneDeploy I experimented with every combination (i.e. opening the program in P mode, then switching to A (even at other times I tried F mode) before attempting the pre-flight check (even tried opening DroneDeploy in A & F mode then switching to P) but every combination came back with the same failure.

Currently in the beta application you have to restart the application in order to restart the checklist. This is one of the things currently being worked on next week. It shouldn’t happen too often once you have the right firmware, etc.

We saw you were trying to fly in our logs. Did you upgrade to the beta firmware listed in our getting started instructions? The most common reason for not being able to set the drone in the right mode is the incorrect firmware.

Just had my first flight with drone deploy. On my Inspire 1 I had to go into the DJI pilot App, MC settings, advanced settings.
Turn on - Enable Multiple Flight mode
Turn off - Enable IOC

The go into your device settings and force close DJI Pilot

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Thanks for the intel Aaron - you do need to enable Multiple Flight Mode, this enables the F/A/P switch. Without this, the switch has no affect. I’ll add this to the setup instructions.

I wasn’t aware of the IOC requirement, I’ll do some tests when I get back into the office, and update accordingly.

I had the latest firmware installed on the Inspire 1 but in reading some other Beta tester forums I discovered the following:
1 - RC controller may also need to be upgraded with SDK firmware (please confirm if this is necessary)
2 - IOC mode must be disabled while multi flight mode is enabled (had both enabled)

I believe as some have posted above that it was item 2 that caused the pre-flight check fail.

Hi KinghtOwl,

This is correct - you will need to follow the Firmware Upgrade Guide, and disable IOC, as listed in the Beta Guide. These are linked to in the Getting Started Guide.

Sorry it’s so complicated at the moment - we’re working on simplifying the setup process.

I flew my first flight tonight and I don’t believe i disabled IOC mode. I am pretty sure that I had multi mode on. Everything worked perfect

Thanks for the info Lee - I’ll test a number of permutations of this tomorrow to see what the root cause is.