Unable to star the mission..INSPIRE 2

Summary of Issue: Flight plan upload from google earth (klm)… Turn on dron RC, calibrate compass with DJGO4… Open DD, went to flight plan, open it… pass check list… but appear a message ¨UNABLE TO START MISSION…

**Date Issue Began:**march 28 2018

Drone Model: INSPIRE 2

Mobile Device Model and OS version: IPHONE 6 IOS 11.2.6

DroneDeploy App Version:2.68.0

Hi @Franklin007,

To clarify, did you reboot all your devices (drone, remote, and mobile device)? Was the issue reproducible?

Keep me posted,

Yes I did but nothing change…
After that I make a New flight plann at DroneDeploy directly… and everything works perfectly
I thing the problem is integration between klm from Google earth uploaded to dronedeploy

@Franklin007 Hello,

I would take a look at our support document Planning Flights WIth Shapefiles in that you will find how to import KML files. Please do reach out if this is still not working for you. In that case it might be an underlying issue we will need to further troubleshoot.

If you have not please do update your application to our newest version of 2.69.0. Thanks!