Unable to plan a flight

Was on site with a client today and could not plan a new flight in the app. Pretty embarrassing!

For some reason there is a line from the aircraft all the way around the world and the it disappears into a void.

Tried exiting and re starting the app several times, powered cycled all equipment several times - no luck.

Supposed to be completing this contract within a few days, so any help greatly appreciated.

hi @Captain_Salty - can you tell us a bit more? What drone/device are you using? Are you using the newest version of our app (2.0.9)?


Inspire 1, Ipad Air 2 with latest IOS, App is 2.09

Has worked flawlessly with this configuration until now. Was doing the same thing today.

Hi Neema, any ideas? I’m still unable to plan a flight

Have you recently changed any firmware? Is it out of date? Something seems weird. I’ll keep an eye out on this thread to see if we can figure it out.

Thanks. Haven’t changed firmware lately - I am however not running the very latest firmware on the Inspire, which is as I’ve heard a few horror stories. I’m running, which I have been running for awhile with DD without issue.


Fixed it.

Screen shot below was all I was seeing after clicking plan a new flight. Tried on different device and it was working fine. Uninstalled the DD App and re downloaded it and it is now allowing me to create new flights. Yay.

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