Unable To Open DroneDeploy without Internet Connection

Hi All, I would like to pile on the need to allow DD to open on a mobile device without a internet connection. I have cashed the field for use offline but cant even get logged on with out a internet connection. Most of my AG work is done where no internet services is available.

Related problem? When flying the Drone Deploy application stops and requires it to be restarted. On restart it sometimes connects to the drone an allow a continuation but not all the time. This does not seem to be a problem when internet services are available.

Both these issues are critical to Agriculture Operations.


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Hi @dm21225,

Thank you for your inquiry. When you select “Make Available Offline”, we recommend waiting 5-10 minutes before the internet connection is disconnected. This will allow ample time for the map to sync to your device for use offline.

Please let us know if this works for you.
Thank you,

Not the problem I reported; DD now requires me to be connected to the internet to logon and does not work even when maps are down loaded.

Same problem here. It works fine in the office with a reliable connection but when in the field it is flaky. Including 1) trying to login 2) cached projects not showing up. 3) Projects disappearing 4) Flight plans disappearing. This makes it very frustrating to use for field surveys.


What OS and version of the DD app?

Thanks for reporting this. We’re currently resolving a software bug that is affecting some users related to offline access. This will be fixed in an upcoming version. Thank you for your patience!