Unable to fly mission - Waypoint upload and Camera check hang

We are testing a solution right now. Once that is out if recommend everyone update.

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I have an Inspire 1 V2 and all the latest updates I have an iOS on a iPhone 6 I am having the same issue with the Waypoints. BUT I can make another map down the road or miles away and it works. I tried relocating about 1/4 mile away for the field I am having problems with and still nothing. Is the field to small? One is 11ac and the other is 40ac right next to each other. these are the only two fields that give me a problem. Again, I can make up different missions and they work.

This bug seems to have been fixed with latest version. I just ran a successful map this morning.

I have similar issues.
After check initiates the hang up is on ‘waypoints’ and ‘settings’.
It seems every-time I turn on DD something is different.
No simulator now???
I have the latest firmware and software updates but can’t seem to update the controller…is this critical?

@JackieG I would make sure you update the controller.

The simulator is still available, but it has moved to be less confusing to users. If you go to try to fly a plan, you can turn a simulator if you want at the bottom of the planning page.

Hey just ran out to try this app on my Android and Phantom 4 Advanced having this issue.

But my phone is pretty damn laggy… Its running android 5.0.1 and is a Samsung S4. I could never get it to complete the initial checks always failing on Camera or waypoints. (SD card after showed 2 raw images saved)

Could my phone just be too slow to run the app properly? I have a new phone coming in a week, or is it anything to do with the P4A?