Unable to fly mission - Waypoint upload and Camera check hang

Are you also flying with android and a phantom 3 standard?

You can reach out to support if you have android and a P3 standard for the older version.

i’m using phamtom 3 4k and i have the same problem.

Yes, I’m using P3S and Android.
And the drone works fine with DJI go, PIX4D Capture, Litchi and UgCS. Why can’t DD???

iOS will work. It’s an update DJI made to the SDK and it made a change to how the standard and 4k work with Android.

So hopefully there will be an Android app fix soon?

Just to confirm, the iOS app does successfully pass all the pre-flight checks with my P3S including the waypoint upload and camera. Unfortunately, my full size iPad v3 is too big and heavy to use on the controller so I haven’t been able to do a live test flight as yet.

So, it’s definitely the Android app that is the problem here, and the problem seems to have been introduced at the last update if it was working previously?

An easy fix maybe?

I just fly 2 fly plans and every things works!!!. What I do? Simple. I deinstall versión 2.0.9. after that download the DD Versión 2.0.6 from APKpure. I change settings on Android system to install from 3th source and install DD version 2.0.6.
All works !!!
I sincerely suggest to unable the system to update automáticamente DD.

Enjoy fly

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Thanks for that jmmc, v2.0.6 downloaded and 2.0.9 uninstalled. I’ll install 2.0.6 and let you know if it runs OK for me :slight_smile:

OK, I can confirm that DD 2.0.6 does work in that all the pre-flight checks complete correctly. Haven’t actually flown a live mission yet, but I think that it should fly OK.

Thanks again jmmc, over to you fine chaps in the DroneDeploy team to correct the problem that stops 2.0.9 completing the pre-flight checks.

So I guess that begs the question. Why doesn’t DD recall version 2.0.9 and put 2.0.6 back on the App Store?

This is affecting a small percentage of our users who have a wifi connected RC on android. It is important and we are looking into it.

Thanks Chase, happy to beta test for you.

Also have the same problem. Had some corn fields to map but my P3S on dronedeploy halts at the waypoint/camera check.

Flight test completed using Android 2.0.6 and everything was successful. This was my first flight with DD so it was quite exciting watching the Phantom 3S heading for the first turning point and wondering if it was actually going to tun and start the next leg - it did!

A survey of a fairly boring field where the crops have just been harvested, but the stitching worked well considering how few landmarks there were.

Just waiting on the DD version to follow 2.0.9 to overcome the waypoint upload and camera check errors.

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Flew another mission this evening with 2.0.6 in gusty conditions at 250ft agl. Really impressed with DroneDeploy, works like a charm :slight_smile:

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Hello guys, same problem here in DJI P3S. Stucked on waypoints and SD Card. Any solution for this ? Thx!

Read back through this thread, the solution is there. Uninstall DD v2.0.9 and install v2.0.6 and then the app works OK.

Thanks Ruyton!

But i mean any solution from Dronedeploy …

Ha! I get your point. Any solution from DroneDeploy, I think that they are thinking about it :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what additional features are provided by v2.0.9 over 2.0.6. You would think that if the earlier version works with the P3S it would be a fairly easy fix to get the current version working?