Unable to Chat - In trial period for "Pro"

Shouldn’t the trial period for Pro include all the features for Pro? The Pro plan includes chat, but when I try to chat, it states that I have to upgrade in order to use chat.

Hi @skadee1,

This feature is only available for paying users, not users who are on the trial.


How can they give their best service to their paying customers (who would normally be experienced/professional users) when every “Tom, ■■■■ and Harry” on their trial accounts are using up their resources asking all manner of questions? Like “Why won’t people spend all their time answering my questions for free?”

How can they say that they are providing a 30 day trial of “Pro” if trial users are not receiving the features of “Pro”?

Effective tools are not available for self-learning the application, it is not working as promised with regard to in/pix for the Pro plan, the offline maps are not working properly, uploads are not performed as instructions suggest, and getting this forum account took several emails and requests over the course of 4 days.

Maybe my time as a potential customer is not as valuable as a actively trapped customer, but being in the customer service field myself, I’m hardly convinced that by buying in, the level of support would improve from what I have experienced so far, and weighs very heavily on my decision to select a service to meet my needs to provide a service my customer.

Hi @skadee1,

Our chat support is not available to trial users in order to maintain consistency and fairness for all of our paying customers. Our core support team is also very small, with 3-4 people chatting and emailing all customers that come through to those channels.

This community is still one of our main support channels, and you’ll often find that you can get more and better insight from people who have experienced similar issues. I’m eager to hear what troubles you ran into with creating an account and what emails and requests you are referring to when you signed up.

With that being said, can you tell me a bit more about the issues that you’ve experienced so far in your trial? We do want to help but it is not an easy task to do when we don’t have details about the problems.


I have posted a few topics to address the the issues I’ve had, but regarding the challenge of joining the forum - I entered a request to join the forum when I needed support in the afternoon on a Monday, I waited an hour with no confirmation email, so I entered the request again. The activation confirmation still did not arrive within a reasonable amount of time, but came shortly after midnight that night. I’m not checking my emails at midnight, so I didn’t see the email until I was able to check it on Wednesday, and by then, the activation link had expired. I entered another request for activaion, and the same deal all over again. The activation email didn’t arrive until shortly after midnight, several hours later.

Why didn’t I just get access to the forum when I set up a user account with DD?

I’ve created threads for the following, or replied to other users’ threads that went unanswered for the same:

  1. Resolution in planning is consistently 0.1in/pix better than the resulting resolution
  2. Unable to see map during flight, even though it was downloaded for offline use (Android)
  3. The “+” isn’t always present for uploads from the dashboard (I may have not entered a thread for this, I’m just dealing with it).
  4. Bug/annoyance - DGI Go range and altitude restrictions limit use of DD. In other words, the max range set by DGI Go shouldn’t be considered in DD, unless possibly as just a warning. Manual flight with DGI Go has a safety feature that recovers the drone to home if the signal is lost, so it makes sense to have a shorter max range than may be desired for DD, which does not seem to require 2-way communication in order to fly a mission.

Very strange regarding the forum confirmation email. I just tested it myself with a personal email and received the confirmation email shortly after. Not quite sure what is happening there, but our forum is hosted on a different site and platform that is completely unrelated to our main website.

In regards to your posts, I see that @Andrea has responded to your first issue and @Gary has addressed number 4.

For issue number 2, can you detail what troubleshooting steps you’ve attempted (e.g. logging in and out of your account, clearing the cache, rebooting devices, etc.)?

Yes, I’ve:
Logged Out and in
Cleared Cache
Cleared storage on DD in App Manager
Allowed DD to re-download cached map
After is shows map download is complete, gone out of wifi range
closed DD, re-opened DD, no offline map (but slider shows “Available offline”

Hi, I been paying monthly for Pro plan and still don’t get access to Chart support, why?

Hi @AerialDrone360,

I’ve asked you a couple of questions in your other post.