Unable to add DroneDeploy production apps after enabling developer mode

When a DroneDeploy account has been used in the dev environment and ‘Developer Mode’ has been enabled, that account loses the ability to use production DroneDeploy app store apps. Apps seem to install normally but the widget does not appear in the ‘App Zone’ when you navigate to a flight in the DroneDeploy sidebar.

To disable developer mode and recover the ability to install production apps, we had to do all of the following:

  1. Delete all apps installed under developer mode, including the developer app.
  2. Disable developer mode in the settings menu.
  3. Sign out of the account.
  4. Clear the browser’s cache.
  5. Sign back in.

We would like the ability to prototype new or updated apps alongside existing ones. I couldn’t find anything in the docs about using dev and production modes simultaneously, so I’m not sure if this is a feature request or a bug report :wink:

Yes this is a known bug and a lot of people have been experiencing this issue. Its at the top of our backlog.

To give a little more context on this issue. If I’m developing locally on chrome and then I open firefox without uninstalling my local app, on firefox it will fail to load my local app, but sadly it will also fail to load all my production apps as well.

You can typically determine this is your issue by looking in the console and seeing that a url with filesystem:https failed to load.

Once again, this is a bug we are hoping to fix soon.


Is this resolved or are you guys working on this?

We are still working on resolving this issue. We have people actively working on it.

In today’s production push this problem should be resolved.