Uav project specifications and design

How to streamline the processes of

  1. Converting client requirements into UAV project specifications.
  2. Converting project specifications into project design and implementation.

Hi @OJENIRAN_THEOPHILUS! Sounds like you are building a drone program? Have you developed a Standard Operating Procedures manual? I think this would be the place to start. An effective guideline of your expectations for the drone program will be needed in order to market that drone program to clients. It’s just a good business practice.

Once you have a firm grip on how you will operate you will need to educate your client and set their expectations. Giving them an understanding of what is possible will allow them to define the project for you. Once the project is defined then you can submit a proposal. If interested, you can PM me and I can help you put together some information along these lines.


I recently was asked to quote on a large area topo. When asked how large the client said 50000 acres… educating the client is an important step!

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The 50,000 ac is nice but the educating is gonna get ya. You need to find out how much education you will need to provide. You could be spending 6 months of education for a 1 month flight project.

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@OJENIRAN_THEOPHILUS, thanks for the PM. if you don’t mind can we keep the discussion inside of the thread? I think this is a subject that would be valuable for many.
I think the first variable that needs to be defined is your capability. Do you really understand the data? And from that can you visualize possible use cases? Once you define what you are comfortable with and what work you are willing to do then you can engage the client to understand their initial purpose and capabilities.

In our use case, as extensive as it can be the only things I download are the orthomosaic, the elevation geotiff (on occasion) and the point cloud. All the other information is derived from other design documents such as CAD files, field collected survey information and other GIS sources.