Uav project specification and design

I need information on these following terms:

  1. Client Reqirement for UAV Project (Mapping and Plant requirement ).
  2. Details of UAV project specification (Mapping and Plant requirement ).
  3. Details of UAV project design (Mapping and Plant requirement ).

Hi @OJENIRAN_THEOPHILUS! Item number one on your list sounds like something that you need to get from the client. Two and three may need to be completed first in order to have a meeting with the client to inform them of the capabilities and options.

Could you please expand?

I am assuming that “Plant” is the subject of the collection?

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@OJENIRAN_THEOPHILUS Additionally is this something you are trying to add into spec book for a project? Otherwise what is the end use you intend for the information requested?

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Thanks for your reply.
Below is the full details of the project.

Statement of problem
Project costing is one of the pre-requisites for proper and efficient mapping in photogrammetry surveying. The latest application of drone to photogrammetric surveying has been widely accepted due to its efficiency, less time consuming and less manpower. Project costing depends on the specification of the end user, the conversion of this client’s requirement to project specification seems to be time consuming and rigorous for surveyor. Hence, there is need for automating the process.
Aim and objectives
The aim of the project is to streamline the processes of converting clients’ requirements into UAV project specification and converting project specification into project design and implementation.

  1. To develop schemes for converting client’s requirement into detailed project specifications for at least four representative industries. The client will usually know their needs, but they may have little or no knowledge of how these needs will be met by UAV.
  2. Finally, to develop schemes for converting specification into project design and implementation.
    While many people have need for UAV, UAV project specification and design have not received much attention.
    Research questions
    In a survey project client would give the surveyor his project specification i.e. what products he wants out of the project and the standard that they should satisfy for example, for a mapping project, he will specify the area to be mapped, the scale of the map, the contour interval to be used on the map, the 3D accuracy of the map., etc.
    Based on the specifications, surveyor will choose the method of survey to be used, the equipment, the location of the ground control point and the accuracy. The aim is to convert client’s specification to products that meets the specifications.
  3. During the operation of UAV mapping project what are the project specifications that may be given and how could the surveyor use them to determine all the variables of project delivery: choice of UAV, flying height, needs for power to the UAV, camera orientation and ground control etc.?
  4. How UAV mapping requirement should be specified in a systematic way?
  5. How can the specification be converted to decisions on all the variables that determine project delivery?
    Significant of the research
    Drone survey has become predominantly used for virtually all form of surveying although it is still in development stage, its relevant thus make clients and geoscientist choose this approach over other methods of surveying. Comparing drone surveying to conventional surveying method, there is no standard scale of fee and approach of converting client requirement to project specification. This research will thus be of great important if a scheme could be designed for this conversion

Thank you for the additional detail. The specificity of your inquiry brings a few things to imagination that are equivalent to making a drone service like a fast-food chain. The first thing that needs to happen is for us to understand the full scope of capability of the infrastructure that you are putting into place. Unfortunately I don’t think this is feasible in the current state of drone use as there are far to many unknowns not only with our understanding of the technology, but the guidelines and regulations as set forth by the governments that a subject may be associated with. It seems to me that DroneDeploy and DroneBase have started this path, but even with all of their resources that are chained by the unknowns. At this stage of the game I think we need to create the platform utilizing the strongest of the components as a framework. Yes there are a thousand different kinds of cheese, but how many options does McDonald’s give you? One, maybe two as part of some monthly promotional. To create a standardized and repeatable method I would propose a fleet similar to Phantom/Matrice/eBee. Now starts the touchscreen soda machine…

  1. Pick your industry.
  • Real Estate
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Energy
  1. Pick your intent.
  • 2D Map
  • 3D Model
  • Inspection
  1. Select the subject on a map.
  • Linear
  • Area
  • POI
  1. Select your resolution.
  • 1in/px
  • 4in/px
  • 8in/px
  1. Completion Date: ________
  2. Email Address: _________
  3. Swipe your card.

All joking aside I think anything approaching this style of drone use is impractical and impersonal at this stage. People need to collaborate with each other, learn capabilities by trying new things and be allowed to fail. The questions that you are asking and the amount of detail your are looking for can only be had by creating your own program in the way you are envisioning it. Live and learn. I can state all my experience on paper in the confines of the AEC world I work in, but how well does that translate to other worlds. Only one way to find out.