Types of Land Surveying vs Aerial Mapping

Do you tip toe on the line between mapping and surveying? The term is mapping, not surveying and don’t cross it. Especially #'s 5, 6 and 7 without certification from a registered survey. I find it interesting that they separated construction as we do all the others internally except for the aforementioned.

1. Utility Surveys
Entail the cautious observation of the utilities and network structures installed for the transportation of those utilities in a particular area.

2. Highway Surveys
Are used to plan an appropriate route for the highway as well as monitor the process to ensure the project is advancing as planned and the highway is where it should be.

3. As-Build Surveys
Are used to identify improvements made to a parcel of land made to date. As-build surveys are generally conditions of a given site before and after the construction of a project.

4. Topographical Surveys
Provide a detailed illustration of natural and man made attributes on a parcel of land including elevation points.

5. ALTA Surveys
American Land Title Association Surveys (ALTA) are generally required by mortgage companies, title companies and Lenders for the approval of mortgage insurance.

6. Property Surveys
Provides an in-depth map of a property including structures, boundaries, roadways and rivers.

7. Boundary Surveys
Clearly establish the extent of a particular parcel, with a primary focus on identifying the corners of the land.

8. Construction Surveys
Also referred to as building surveys, are required to assist construction crews locate on-site markers such as buildings and roads.

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