Turning things on in accounts

I’ve been reading through a number of threads here, and I see from time to time “Let me turn that on in your account”, or something to that effect, when some users are having issues.

Maybe I’m not catching something, but why aren’t things on by default or is there a way to do this by ourselves in our account?

As an example, in the Poor Final Image thread, I read an admin say, “I can turn on measurements for your account.” in response to getting a better quality stitching.


Hi Peter,

We have a lot of experimental features at DroneDeploy that we are beta testing with different sets of users. When something is finally production ready, it then gets added as a feature in one of the subscription tiers (including possibly the free tier). Your example of measurements was in beta for a while several months ago. It is now a feature available in all paying users’ accounts.

Question Chase. When Drone Deploy makes a fix or addition to the app is this automatically updated on our devices when we log in or are we to go somewhere for updates. Havent seen any info on this.

Second question is what do we do when we are trying to upload a field of over 3 gigs. I have one now that is 7gigs. The upload screen says we should only upload 3 for best results. Should we upload part of the pic files (in order) and then come back and upload more? Will this add to the already processed files or how does this work. Ive some 160 acre fields I want to map with 75 % overlap so you know the Gigs is going to high. Also I see we are limited to 1000 pics so do I have to split the field into two maps. Sorry if this was he wrong place to post this but I havent seen it discussed on the forum.