Turning off image capture during turns

Hi, I fly a Phantom 4. I find most if not all of the images taken during a turn is either blurred or captures part of the aircraft structure.

It would be good to have the ability to stop taking images in a turn.



Hi Julian,

Have you looked at this support doc yet? Please let me know if it helps: http://support.dronedeploy.com/docs/troubleshooting-for-map-engine

Hi Kara

Thanks for that. Your documents describes how I fly my P4. I fly with camera control by the DJI as opposed to the DD software as I have had WB issues. I will try flying the camera in manual and increasing the shutter speed.



Awesome, please let me know how it works out.

Another fact of this situation is it overkills the photos at the turns. Eating memory card space and I’m sure the processing doesn’t like it either. Maps Made Easy only takes pictures along the flight path not the turns.

We are looking at excluding photos from turns at upload time, as most customers are not constrained by SD card space (but they are constrained by upload bandwidth).

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James, thanks for this, I’m assuming that these photos will be identified prior to determining the upload count. That way there’s not a false number of uploads that could exceed the allowed number.

Also it would be helpful to identify the photos on the map (maybe orange instead of blue dots) that will not be uploaded.

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ola tudo bem Kara, você sabe me dizer poque minhas fotos não estao sendo gravadas no cartao SD do meu Drone, eu estou usando um Phantom 3 standart e uso um Android, como configurar câmera para conseguir fotografar. Odrone faz o plano de vôo normalmente mas não tira as fotos.

Olá, você tentou formatar o cartão SD primeiro?