Turn off Picture snapshots

I would like to use a drone deploy mission to only view the area below and not take pictures on my matrices 100. How do I prevent pictures from being taken? Thanks.

Hi @LaVerne_Sanders, welcome to the community! I understand that you are wanting to fly a pattern with the camera not taking images. I would suggest a Litchi waypoint mission. DroneDeploy is built on the tasks of taking images and making maps. Disabling the camera is completely contrary, but I understand you desire to simply view. The only thing I don’t understand is why not take images? You can delete them if you don’t want them.

That said, I am moving this to Feature Requests. Thanks for the use-case!

Hi Michael and thanks for the info. On the “why not take pics and delete”. A secondary use for the drone is to search for remote controlled planes that went down in a corn field. The guy watching the external monitor says the picture snap is very distracting and feels something might be missed during the snap blackout. Even with very slow speeds.

Okay, so now I understand the secondary use-case. I would definitely use Litchi. It is much more configurable and while it takes a fraction longer to design a lawnmower flight plan it is well worth it in the end. You can determine the pitch of the camera and also run a video to be able to review it afterwards.

Hi @LaVerne_Sanders and @MichaelL! :slight_smile:

You should be able to enable the ‘3rd party camera’ toggle in your user settings to turn off DroneDeploy triggering the camera. Please let me know if this does not do the trick! :smiley:

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I’ll give it a try! Are you supposed to be able to trigger it manually then?

Yep! The setting is basically ‘DroneDeploy, don’t control the camera’. It would not be necessary to trigger it manually if no photos are desired.

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