Trimble Catalyst

Hello all,

I’m curious if anyone here is using the Trimble Catalyst GPS system to measure coordinates for GCP’s and if so what kind of success they are having with it. Looks like a good idea as it is a way to transfer the high cost of GPS to a software/subscription basis instead of the traditional high cost hardware. As with all new technology, the proof is in the performance.

In particular, I am concerned about VRS coverage and whether the error correction required for highest accuracy is available in South Carolina. Also, any input about general performance, drawbacks, etc. would be greatly appreciated.


My issue with it is that the need for a CORS/NTRIP/VRS and then higher costs for the higher precision plans. The other issue I have in my scenario is to make full use of the hardware you will likely new Trimble Business Center and have to learn it. To each their own.

Check out the keyword - Emlid posts for an alternative. Also found on the forum below.