Trial Link not working

Good day. I received the February 13 email from DroneDeploy co-founder Jono Millin.

When I press the link to restart trial, nothing happens, my account is still at explorer subscriber status.

Please help me out.

I want to avail the offer to try the latest feature of DroneDeploy Pro for 14 days.

Thank you very much.

Have you already used a trial? Might be a glitch and best to email support. Look towards the bottom of the email for contact info. This forum is mostly users who can’t help with that kind of issue. Good luck! @Adam_Carp

Thank you. Yes, I already emailed support and I’m still waiting for their response two days later…Anyway, I appreciate the help, thanks again.

Hi guys! (@MichaelL and @DR1) Support was hit with a very heavy load yesterday, and we are still recovering from that. We should be fully back up to quick response times by end of the day today, but please feel free to email us again if you haven’t been responded to by the end of the day today. You should have either received a reply from us yesterday either addressing the issue or letting you know that we’d get back to you tomorrow.

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I am very grateful @MichaelL for coordinating my issue with @Adam_Carp. Thank you. As of the moment, there is still no reply from support. I’ll check again every now and then. Thanks again.

Big thank yous to @MichaelL and @Adam_Carp for assisting me with my issue. I appreciate it guys!

Thanks Adam, looking forward to a reply to my mails of the last few days :wink:

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Good morning all, I just downloaded the app and I’m signed up for the trial but it won’t let me connect to my Mavic 2 Zoom.

What am I not doing? Please help!!!


What mobile device are you using?

I use the DJI Smart Controller, but I have the app on my iPhone 8. Whenever I try to open the website and sign in via the Smart Controller it won’t load the page.

I don’t believe DroneDeploy works with the Smart Controller yet. @Erika_Houseman?

Come on DD!! How long has the SC been out now? DD still won’t work with it? Really!!