Trial flight V 5.3 details

Hello Jono, Chase, or staff

Tested out a trial flight with V 5.3 today. Flew a large site, about 50 acres. Took around 400 photos. I did not realize you already released version 6.

I noticed a few things about the “continue mission” feature.

Following your advise, I had the drone return at about 30% battery, I would land the aircraft manually, force quit Drone Deploy, and swap batteries. I would re-open drone deploy, turned the drone back on, and selected the mission plan, and then used “continue”. Seemed to work fine.

A small inconvenience we encountered was the location where the drone continued the mission from. I initially ended the flight when the drone finished a track, and was near the home point [when the drone turns and changes direction]. I expected the drone to pick up from that location. It did not do that at first. Unless the next way point for the drone was set to the end of the next track [so after the drone had changed direction], the drone would fly to the far end of the track, away from where it took off, before starting the track again [wasting battery]. I was able to get it continue from the last captured location, by allowing the drone deploy app change the way point before selecting the return home feature in the drone deploy app.

Can you guys add a feature to mark where you want the mission to continue from?

We might be able to keep track of where the drone was between the last two waypoints so it doesn’t start at the previous one. Right now it goes to the last waypoint it successfully hit.