Trial ended after 2 days

I flew my first mission and uploaded the picture set 2 days ago. Since then, I’ve tried 2 more areas in order to get a feel for things. This morning when I logged in, my account was on the free explorer plan instead of the pro trial. Has anybody run into something similar? I’m not even close to the 10 maps or 30 days limit. Any idea on how to get help with this?

Hi- if you have not already, please send a request to


Good morning Neema:

A name from the past! I uploaded two tests last night and hoped they would be ready to show a client and example later this morning but they are both still ‘processing’. Is the company that busy? They were small areas, 4-5 acres in total. Perhaps I’ve done something incorrectly? Would you please advise/ Thanks!

Nick Nicholson
SkySight, LLC