Topic: Large holes in the tie points and dense cloud after processing

**Summary of Issue:**Dear friends,

After reading several topics from our forum and making several attempts to generate a uniform dense cloud, I have come to ask for your help help me with large holes in the tie points and dense cloud (PHOTOS). This is an aerial survey work for mining

Flight parameters:

Software used: Drone Deploy
Sidelap: 60%
Frontlap: 80%
Height: 150m

Processing Parameters (Photoscan):

Mascara: Method - From Alpha / Operation: Replacement

Align Photos: Acurracy - High

Reference Preselection (Already tested without preselection)

Key Point Limit: Tested from 40,000 to 80,000

Tie Point Limit: Tested from 0 to 20,000

Constrain features by mask checked

Adaptive camera model fitting checked

Date Issue Began: 15/01/18

Drone Model: Phantom 4

Mobile Device Model and OS version: Ipad mini 4 - iOS 11

DroneDeploy App Version: Last version update

Only thing I can think of off the top of my head is making sure you have enough images/overlap which will increase the number of tie points. Are you doing any filtering of the point cloud? There should be an option to “Close Holes” to interpolate across gaps.

Sounds like an Agisoft Photoscan problem, not a DroneDeploy one.

Filtering or not, the hole appears. I will increase the overlap and fly a little higher! Thank you!

Being a mountain top, the overlap may not have been efficient. I tried to process it in several ways but the result is the same. I will increase the overlap! thanks!

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