Too many points in point cloud for CAD import

Hi, I’ve done my first 3D map & have tried to import the point cloud into 12d CAD software but apparently there are too many points.
12d is limited to 5 Million point so I’m not sure if it is normal to have this many in the 3D map or if it is possible to reduce or limit the amount of points.
Thanks, Adam.

Which file are you trying to import into your CAD software, the LAS or XYZ? The LAS is a fixed deliverable; however you can change the intensity of the XYZ point file to be less then 5-million points. I am able to work with both in Civil 3d; however, lots of points means lots of processing power needed :slight_smile: I also prefer the LAS fiel because it retains the coloring and other properties, where the XYZ is truly just a bunch on points.

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Hi & thanks for the reply.
The file I exported was LAS so I’ll give the XYZ option a try.
Are you able to do this with a pro subscription?
Thanks, Adam

hi @DroneAdz - the XYZ export is available on the business subscription and up. If you would like to discuss this further, please contact us at so we can get you in touch with a team member.

thank you!