Too long to start flight

After connecting to Drone Deploy, it takes like 20% of battery usage to start flight, around 30mins waiting to go through the check list before hitting the Start Flight button, which also delays once press before taking off


Hey James, welcome! Are you in an area with poor data connectivity? What drone, mobile devices and OS version?

Hi MichaelL,

It don’t matter if I am in an area with good or bad coverage / connectivity.

  • DJI Mavic Pro
  • Samsung A50
  • OS: Android 10

Today I had the same issue, both area I drone had good coverage. But I notice something with the connectivity.
My notifications started popping out messages and that is when it checked on preflight checklist smoothly.


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I fly offline and definitely do not get these issues. Anyhow just thought I share so you are heading down the right path - local matter vs software.

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Hi Michael,

I am still facing the same issue, anyone with similar issue that has been solve.

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James, I had a similar problem, I took to long to go trough the check list, not 30 minutos but up to10, I had a Samsung tablet, I just changed the device and is working fine.

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Degreiff, Thanks for the tip will try and give you feedback.

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