Timeline - Multiple Maps On Screen

We are looking for the ability to combine multiple maps of the same area and allow the user to toggle between them. While I know you can change the date in the drop-down, this is not supported for embedded maps at this time.

This is most useful for applications that need to see a timeline of the same area, such as construction or agriculture, but also when using multiple types of cameras (such as RGB vs multispectral) over the same area. Other platforms already support a timeline feature (Pix4D Cloud, Hanger, Site Scan, etc), so why doesn’t Drone Deploy?

After that’s working we would request the ability to display multiple maps at once, and allow various clipping capabilities. Meaning, say I have an RGB base layer of an area and I also have a multispectral one. You would choose the RGB to be at the back/bottom layer, then the multispectral one on top. Then you would want to adjust the Plant Health sliders of the multispectral image to adjust how the color lut is displayed. Then you would turn on clipping, and at the bare minimum support transparent pixel clipping (clipping to a solid color is what’s currently being done, and is gross). This would then allow the RGB pixels from the base image to be seen through the clipped transparent pixels of the multispectral image.

Here’s an example of a RGB base with a processed multispectral on top and the out of bounds pixels clipped to transparent:

DD support has suggested we do this off of their platform, using QGIS, ArcGIS, etc. Sure, we know how to do that, but the majority of the DD customer base probably doesn’t. The whole point is to keep the customer inside the DD app and then allow us to show these outputs using an embeded iframe.

We cannot be the only customers of DD that would use such a feature, so please help us convince them it’s a necessity in this day and age of processing aerial datasets.

You can try the side by side app? Handy that you can slide back and forth and move the maps at the same time.