Timed Interval Shot Toggle


Based on my conclusions in the following thread:

Please add an option to override capture mode to timed interval shot instead of the default distance interval shot for the Mavic 3e in DroneDeploy. It looks like the gaps and missing photos was a product of stale GPS data and not due to sd card write issues. This is probably triggered due to GPS interference or who knows what else might cause it. It will always be unpredictable. Even if the photo in the set has the wrong GPS coordinate, it can be manually corrected for to prevent a repeat visit to site. Timed interval shot can allow for gap-less maps when the drone is going low and fast!

Maybe there will be a fix by DJI later, but based on the other data shared, this seems to just be a systemic problem with GPS drones since it was also noticed in the P4P drone Map.

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Boy here’s an old one. There are posts on here from 2019 talking about inconsistent capture and gaps but it looks like it’s rearing its head again with the M3E. The problem that you are experiencing is because of poor GPS performance which we can’t help sometimes and why I agree that frequency should be time driven. The counter has always been that wind and varying speeds when going up or down on terrain awareness causes inconsistency from one part of the map than another but IMO if it is windy enough to affect it to the point that it causes any discernible problems in the map then you probably shouldn’t be flying for accurate mapping.

I am more betting this is due to GPS interference than wind or other problems. GPS lags and freezes waiting to resync and then the drone misses a shot. That is the results of my testing in the other thread. In my timed interval shot the sequence comes out perfect compared to complete crap on a very windy day, the only missed shot was actually captured at the correct position, just the GPS data for that capture was stale.

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Oh it’s definitely GNSS based because that’s how the capture positions are calculated. They are just waypoints so when the drone is there but doesn’t think it is then it doesn’t take a picture. Then it may doubletap as it approaches the next waypoint.

Yes, this is why I am for the timed interval shot override option. I was recording reflective surfaces where there was a permanent blind spot in every photo, even if the gps data is wrong it would really help with the gap filling! Being able to manually interpolate the GPS data would really help.