Time for Large scale mapping!

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I have to map 5000 Ha plantation likely using DJI Matrice 200 Commercial/Industrial Drone. Does anyone know how to calculate the flying time for the Drone? Any guidance will be appreciated. Thanks

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Sounds like you need a fixed wing, but the time estimation in the flight app is based on the Phantom 4 Pro, but you should be able to compare. Which batteries and camera(s) do you have?

@aimaaroof, Try using DJI’s Terra, if should be able to calculate the flight time. Select the drone, set the altitude, Overlaps etc and it will tell you.

The few times I have used it, it was pretty accurate overall, it obviously can’t be 100% accurate when there are multi-battery mission because the flight from time to RTH and flight back to prior RTH takes a little time as well as battery swaps and wind environment.

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Just to throw some numbers out there… Max altitude 400ft = 20hrs, Preferred 260ft = 42hrs. :muscle:

Hi Michael, thanks for your reply. The battery type is DJI Matrice 200/210 Series TB50 Intelligent and flight time 38 minute. I am going to use SlantRange 4P Sensor but I ma think first to use the camera then the sensor.
What do you think the best camera to buy to do the job for the Matrice 200?

Hi Greg, thanks for the details. I will try to do that.


Many thanks very helpful. I am not sure about the height yet but I am thinking to experiment with two heights 80 &100m.

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I am thinking to use this type of camera:


I would look at the X4S. In my opinion the P4P has the best camera specs for mapping right now and the X4S is the closest to that I have seen. Especially if you are going to use DroneDeploy. Other softwares have better calibrations for different cameras, but I have never had issues with various cameras in DroneDeploy. Besides the P4P, I use a Yuneec E90 on an H520 and it is very close as well, but the narrower FOV like the X5S is a little bit of a drawback.

I have to fly 259 ha with my P4P tooks me 5 flight plan about 20 min each at 120 m high Cf pictures and 1500 images in total


Thanks Michael , X4S has been discontinued from last year!

Thanks Julie, is this mapping for Palm Oil Plantation?

My Drone is Matrice 200 with SlantRange sensor attached to it to map Palm Oil trees. I will try do pilot testing to check first the best height and how to get as much as information possible from the images.

Oh wow, that’s not good. That was the best mechanical shutter and FOV for the Matrice/Inspire. I guess the next option would be the X5S with the Olympus 25mm lens?

How about using SlantRange sensor instead X5S camera, since I am going to study the disease as well to save time?

I don’t fly any of that gear so I’m just going at it from a camera specs perspective, but you might want to search this forum about any issue that people might be having with the SlantRange in DroneDeploy. Here again I know nothing about that camera, but I am sure someone on here can help.

No it’s for mining industrie but if you work for agriculture better to use red edge or infra red camera but the best for that is using ebee wing from sense fly with a Parrot Sequoia multi spectral camera you have both red edge and RGB in the same image

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