Time for a New Platform

We have been using the P4P both versions for a while now and are in the market for a new platform. I see a few using the Yuneec H520. Is this the new best option. We mainly do site survey work utilizing GCP’s. Our sites vary from 10-100 acres and encompass all different types of terrain. I have had great success with the P4P’s we have but am starting to see a few more issues developing with them over time.I see that the Yuneec has a controller with a built in screen running an android operating system, is this the only option and does it allow you to add aps, Littchi, Drone Deploy etc. or is it stuck with whats on it? Just starting the process so any helpful insight would be appreciated. We don’t fly as much as I wish we did and with a newer platform I’m hoping to change that.


The downfall of the H520 is that you are stuck with their software DataPilot or Pix4D on the controller. You can also use SiteScan on an iPad, but with a different controller. Personally I don’t see the need for that with the first two options. Maybe if you were doing a lot of building and vertical mapping, but for site surveying I don’t think it’s necessary. Besides that, the H520 is a great bird with some options that you are not going to find on any other drone and I think that it is the next best option out there unless you want to spend $9k on a P4RTK or other. The Yuneec H520 will also be available in an RTK model in 2020. We are starting testing now. That said, if you use ground control points you don’t necessarily need the RTK, but I would think about it has something to grow into.

Thanks Michael. The cost of the RTK is the issue for that route. We already have full Trimble survey grade GPS equipment and have had good luck using GCP’s. I have only briefly used the Pix4D planning and flight software but as we use Pix4D to process it may
be the best route. As we expand our Drone department I am hoping to add more to our fleet and possibly upgrade to an RTK drone at that point. Thanks again.

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Very good, my pleasure. I would encourage you to take a serious look at the H520. It has all of the flight functions that dronedeploy has with the exception of the 360 pano. I’d be happy to help offline if you need it. Just PM me.

Same situation as us. DJI is not making the P4P any more, and holy cow, nothing else seems to have a global shutter camera. How did that happen? Seems to me the Mavic might not be bad once you give up the global shutter.
Seems like someone out there would figure out the camera control on a DIY type drone and establish some standard way of making mapping drones. Like how the setups for arduino based 3d printers are and now anyone can make one cheap.
Anyway, I don’t like the idea of only one other drone maker to go to in my $3k price range, I want 3 or more to choose from ideally, and the DIY option, and a pony.