Timber surveying

I have been asked to video or map a large area of timber to see the percentage of hardwood timber vs. pine timber. Is there a way I can get a percentage difference with DD doing a map? Should I use my NDVI camera? The pines are spread out all over tract of timber and it would be a very painstakenly slow process to count every pine tree. I don’t think that would be possible. Any suggestions for this?

Steven M. Lee
Aero Vertical Imaging


Im interested in your project and have ideas as well as questions. If interested, give me a call @ 9187982837. Dale

How accurate do you need the result?
Any good at coding?
What season is it?
NDVI is the way to go to get a stiched ortho but if you can get the RGB too it will help. There’s a really down-and-dirty method of two-toning the result to isolate the pine in an effectively B&W image, but it’s pretty crude although will give an approx % canopy cover. Anything better will probably leverage OpenCV…hence my question about coding.

Dale, thanks for the reply I’ll give you a call tomorrow, 01/12/16, around mid morning, 1030 central time. Thanks!

Steven Lee
Aero Vertical Imaging

I would like to be as accurate as possible with the results. I understand the larger the area the wider the results most likely. I have only watched someone do coding and it made my head spin. I would be interested in knowing what you have in mind. I live in pine timber country and the timber owners are hiring cessnas to do imaging checking for bugs and dead pines and looking for any hardwood. I think this is a great opportunity for drones to do this job.

Steven Lee
Aero Vertical Imaging

Any work done on this project since we last talked? Interested in your progression. Have a friend working for Werhouser (?) that is interested in your work.

Hey Dale, i am scheduled to fly it this up coming weekend. It would be great to work with Weyerhaeuser as they are big timber growers in Louisiana.