Thumbnail camera image blank/black

When flying the Mavic 2 Pro, with most current firmware using DJI Go 4 app to preflight, then Drone Deploy for the mission, the camera preview thumbnail in the corner of the software is blank/black with a white square on it. No images, video, or preview at all using iPhone 8 with updated iOS. It worked fine with Mavic 1 Pro and the Phantom 4 Pro. Is there a patch or fix on the way??

I also had this issue come up. Just a black viewing window. Using a Matrice 600 Pro.

Had?.. or still have? IF you no longer have this problem, what was the resolution? Thanks in advance.

Still have. I have a ticket in on this issue too.

Hi guys, I would like to get this issue fixed for you all, it sounds frustrating. We’d appreciate it if you can please email with specific details of your experience and current setup. You can reference this forum post/me by name. Cheers!