Thermal map

I uploaded images from a thermal mapping mission. There were 850 images, but the resulting map only shows a few of the images. The mission was flown with a Skydio X2D and the images were uploaded after the fact. The X2D does simultaneous RGB and thermal pictures. The RGB map came out fine. I was just testing to see how this would work. Maybe it is not possible. Can someone tell me if I am trying something that won’t work?

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Hi @mdyck,

Thanks for reaching out! DroneDeploy supports the processing of Skydio X2E imagery, so you should be able to view a processed map here. It sounds like some areas of the map may have connection issues.

Our Support team will be able to look into this further by reviewing the processing report and providing more detail about your map - reach out to and we’ll be able to help you here.