Thermal Map Pricing


My question today is very straight forward but first i will provide some information on my current issue.

I am an Agriculture service provider and we offer mapping with NDVI/RGB. I have been presented the chance to create a thermal imaging map for a client on a new project. The problem is i do not currently know what to charge for this project.

For our NDVI/RGB maps we charge between $2.50-$4.25 an acre. I would like to keep our pricing for our thermal maps on a per acre bases as well. MY questions is how much do i charge for a Thermal live map?

I would like to ad i am using a Matrice 200 with an XT camera

Unless something has changed, you can’t make a map from thermal live map. That’s for in the field viewing only. (At least it used to be)

I am aware of the process of thermal live map. My problem is pricing the service the thermal live map as a service.

My apologies. I thought you were wanting to create a thermal imaging paper map.